25584286 - young man fishing from a boat at sunsetAs a fishing enthusiast, you spend hours every year honing your craft. Whether that means expanding your knowledge through reading, watching informational videos, or actually spending time at the river or lake, you want to see your hard work and dedication pay off. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the right kind of bait you can waste a significant amount of time just trying to get a bite, much the less make a catch.

Are you tired of using decoys, worms, or nightcrawlers? Consider adding Predator Fish Bait to your tackle box. It’s real game meat processed to a floating dough bait that are shelf stable, floating, and moldable.

Why should you invest your hard-earned money in a new kind of bait? For one, we have put in the time and money to ensure the product works. After spending 25 years in the deer and elk processing industry, we witnessed thousands of pounds of game meat leave the plant and go to waste. We thought, “What if we could use all of that extra game meat for one of our other passions? Fishing!”

This gave rise to the idea of using real, wild game meat to produce high-quality fish bait. For nearly ten years we worked to perfect a formula. After testing dozens of recipes we found that fish are surprisingly similar to humans in that they eat what they like, and won’t touch what they don’t. Once we settled on a formula, we then tested it out in the wild. Again, we were pleased with the results.

Take your fishing game to the next level and give Predator Fish Bait a try. We think you’ll be happy with the results.