Company History

Predator Fish Bait was first developed in the 1990’s, and has been catching fish since then.  In the following year Predator became a very popular bait with fishermen in the western United States – its conception was a real “fish story”.  Processing deer and elk meat for over 25 years, we saw thousands of pounds of wasted scrap meat leave our plant each year.  Tired of seeing hunters’ hard won meat picked up by commodity companies who use it to make industrial cat and dog food, we decided to put it to use in our other passion – fishing! This gave rise to the idea for a fish bait made from real, wild, game meat.

We found that fish were as enticed by the meat as were the hunters who harvested the deer and elk!  At that point, we knew we had a winner, but we wanted Predator Fish Bait to be consistent and convenient every time fishermen reached for it in their tackle boxes.  So, we spent nearly a decade perfecting our formula to turn wild game meat scraps into a shelf stable, floating, moldable fish bait.  In the end, we were able to bring together our two great passions – hunting and fishing – and do it in a way that cuts down on the waste in game processing.

From the Lab to the Lake – Testing the Bait

It was clear early on that real game meat uniquely tapped into fish’s predatory instincts, and although the ultimate measure of a success bait is putting fish in the boat, we didn’t leave anything to chance when we developed Predator Fish Bait.  Although real game meat is by far the main ingredient, Predator Fish Bait also includes a proprietary formula that provides it with vibrant color and scent combinations, making it hard to resist for most sport fish species.  In addition, this formula optimizes the bait’s floatation, handling and adherence to the hook.

A dedicated facility, equipped with indoor and outdoor feeding tanks allowed us to individually test each ingredient in this formula on live fish, in a controlled laboratory setting. Apparently laboratory fish aren’t that different from all of us: if something tastes good, we eat it; if something doesn’t taste good, we spit it out.  Obviously, real game meat was always popular with the fish, but we wanted to measure the time fish would keep each new ingredient in their mouth to ensure that all of the ingredients in Predator Fish Bait made it as enticing as possible.  By the time we were done perfecting our formula in the lab, fish were taking it every​ time, and we were ready for the lake!

For a bunch of guys who love fishing, “testing” the various formulas on the lake was truly torture!  Testing Predator Fish Bait against other brands of floating bait, we soon saw that these lake fish couldn’t resist Predator any better than their friends in lab.  Although this was actually a ton of fun, we stayed committed to learning all we could about what would influence the effectiveness of the bait.  Recording our results, we would fish from the shore or anchor the boat in the middle of the lake.  We used Predator Fish Bait along with our various competitors’ baits to see which the fish liked the best; and, we tracked which color/scent combinations were catching the most fish at that time. Recording results frequently proved difficult, as the fishing could get so fast that we barely even had time to sit down – another terrible problem to have!

After years in the lab and on the lake, our results were consistent and impressive, and we were ready to give fellow anglers a new tool for their tackle box.  The unique, proprietary formula in Predator Fish Bait harnesses the natural tendencies of fish, and will improve your chances of putting them in your boat.  But don’t rely on our research, get out there and put in the water for yourself!