7221603 - fly fisherman on vermont lakeWhen the air gets crisp and the leaves start to change colors, many might turn their thoughts more to hunting than fishing. But why not go for both? Fishing through the fall is a great way to get more fish on the line while enjoying our rivers, streams and lakes at top form.

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There are several reasons to want to get out on the water this season. For starters, the cooling water temperatures mean you’ll likely find active, hungry fish on the prowl for their next big meal in preparation for the lean times of winter. The fall season also brings on spawning runs (especially for brown trout and brook trout) which likely adds even more aggressiveness to the trout activity at your favorite stream or river. While the fish may be bustling, the fall season is great for those looking for solitude on land. Many anglers pack up early as summer wanes, and recreational boaters typically see Labor Day weekend as the end of their season. Thinning crowds on the water make for better odds within it! And finally, fall fishing also gives you the advantage of the natural beauty of the season. While most of your attention will be on the water, autumn foliage makes for an even more impressive setting!

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